SGT DOOM GUITARS is a small custom shop near Stockholm, Sweden, ran by a single master builder. The company was found in 2014 in order to offer high quality instruments for shredders and metal heads, loving a vintage approach, classic shapes and feel but demanding for modern playability and specs like high qualitiy hand wound pickups or top-of-the-line hardware.

Being a guitar fanatic ever since, SGT DOOM Guitars founder Erik Almström has explored the anatomy of the guitar from many different perspectives for more than 20 years. As a touring musician, freelance guitar player as well as a touring guitar tech for bands like the swedish Johnossi and Backyard Babies, he was given the opportunity work on many different guitars.

Eriks work experience spread from an apprenticeship at Standberg Guitars custom shop in Umeå to an employment with Guitarlabs Scandinavia in Stockholm, were he also works part time as a PLEK-machine operator.

Besides building guitars, drag racing has always been a part of Erik‘s lifestyle. He used to compete with his own Pro street Chevy and during periods aslo been around as a mechanic in the class PRO Stock.

With the burning interest for both drag racing and working on guitars, Erik decided to start building his own instruments inspired by the designs of late 1950s / early 60s race cars. SGT DOOM Guitars were born. Guitarists like Rick Derringer and Eddie Van Halen had a big impact on the sound and development of the late 1970s/early 1980s. Guitar solos, pushed amplifiers and extatic audiences lead to a new era of music. SGT DOOM Guitars keep that spirit alive and thriving.

SGT DOOM GUITARS* – the return of the axes

(*If you are distracted by the name, SGT DOOM Guitars might not be the right choice for you.)

How we build guitars