SGT DOOM Workshop

The SGT DOOM Guitars Custom Shop is based 20km south of Stockholm were we use our good old and reliable woodworking machines, mainly from the 1960s.


The old way is the right way – we are convinced about building guitars with traditional machines paired with years of experience, great craftsmanship is what makes a SGT DOOM a prefect instrument. We build our instruments based on the same standards like the pioneers from California back in the 1950s did. The only exceptions are fretboards and inlay work, which are routed out by a CNC machine.




WACO Vertical router

This beast produce the necks.
Using a custom-designed, by Sgt Doom, neck and headstock template we produce necks for all our builds. No matter what scale length or bridge the guitar features, this machine will make the base of the construction with ease and provide constant quality. The cutter leaves an almost perfect surface for continuing to work on.


Valentini Macchine Overhead pin router

The overhead pin router is perfect for every outline contour, pickup- as well as electronic cavity. In many workshops nowadays, this kind of work is done by using a CNC machine instead. Using the manual router, we believe has some upsides to our production, like constant visual control over the work done. The machine’s weight and size also provide stable reliability.


Ejca band saw

Used primarily to bulk away material before routing, this is one of the most crucial machines in how we build and produce instruments. With this band saw, we cut as close to the final contour as possible, to guarantee an easy routing process


Bench pillar drill by STRAND

At STG DOOM Guitars we use a drill press that fits our manufacturing demands perfectly. We use it to drill holes for tuners and bridges. Miscellaneous jobs can be done with this smooth and easily accessible machine with ease.


Tormek grinding stone

The swedish-made Tormek sharpen our hand tools. Depending on the woods density, the angle of the blades might need to be adjusted. Sharp tools is a must and the Tormek get the job done.