Kriss Biggs - SHOUT

Name: Kriss Biggs
Band(s): SHOUT
Sgt Doomer since:2018

"For many years I’ve had this dream of having a completely original, one of a kind, custom built bass in the shape of a wolf. I always knew that this was going to be a difficult project that needed an expert craftsman/ luthier with some serious skills in order to bring this dream to life.

I had no idea where to turn or how to even begin until I spoke to Erik at Sgt Doom Guitars.

Erik and I meticulously went through every detail of what I wanted, the look, the feel, the tone, everything!

Erik was more than up for the challenge and together with Christer Björkman at Stockholms Förgyllning my dream bass started to become a reality.

A project like this could easily go sideways but after spending time with Erik and Christer and seeing their work I had every confidence that would pull it off and make this bass totally killer!

The Result: The body and neck are made of Khaya/ Padouk which has turned out to be surprisingly light weight with a tone and feel that is to die for!!

The balance in this ”Wolf Bass” is perfect, it really feels like a part of me. I had really high expectations for how it might turn out and Sgt Doom Guitars has exceeded them all!!

I’m totally blown away with the end result!” "


Kriss Biggs of SHOUT with his custom Wolf-shaped SgtDoom Bass